Baby Saved from Abortion

A 40 year old woman came in to the Pregnancy Resource Center that I volunteer at, seeking information about an abortion. The Lord had already supernaturally directed her to our center. She had been recently separated from her husband and involved in an extramarital affair. She had become pregnant by the boyfriend. I began to minister to her about her situation. After prayer, counseling, and prophetic ministry, she received deep inner healing from issues in her past, re-dedicated her life to Jesus and decided to carry the baby to term!

-Leigh Ann


Fractured Foot Healed

I prayed for a girl who had rolled her ankle going down the stairs. Her foot was fractured, swollen, and had bruises. X-rays said that her foot was broken, but she didn’t have medical insurance or enough money to put a cast on it so she had it wrapped in an ace bandage. She wasn’t able to move it from side to side and couldn’t put any pressure on it. After praying she was able to move her foot all around with no pain, the swelling had gone down, and the bruises started to fade. She called a couple hours later saying the bruises were totally gone and she still had no pain! She has been completely healed and went back to work the next day!



Blind Eye Opens!

Recently, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to go to a meeting at South Gate Church. The meeting had been titled Commissioned. The Lord had been stirring in my spirit the same word for several weeks. When I went to the meeting, I was so excited to hear Pastor Micah equipping his people to go out into the market place with the gospel. They were preparing to go out the next morning into the market place and I was a little discouraged because I knew I was unable to go with them. I heard the Lord say, “I will meet you wherever you are at.” Even though I was unable to go with the group, I had an expectation that God would do something in Augusta Georgia when I got home.

The next morning I went to work. I believed for God to show up supernaturally for the team that was going out into the market place. I was a little heart broken that I was unable to go. However, I kept reminding myself of the words I heard the Lord say, “I will meet you wherever you are at.” While I was at work that day a man and a woman came in, named Terrie and Carrie (I sell Manufactured Homes). I showed the couple some different homes. After we looked at different plans we came in the office. I do not remember what I said exactly but I told the customers how wonderful Jesus was. Terrie, thirty six said, “I think you may have what I have been looking for”. I asked him, what are you believing Jesus for?  Terrie said, “I have been blind in my left eye for six years. I was working and a piece of sheet metal went into it. I had surgery on the eye to try to save it, however I lost my vision”. I simply responded, “We can believe Jesus for your healing”.  I went over to where he and his wife set. I placed my hand on his eye and released Gods healing power. I took my hand off his eye and I asked him if he could see. He said, “No”. I said, “That’s ok.” I did this again and asked him the same question after saying a short prayer. His response was the same; he still was unable to see. I placed my hand on his eye a third time and released Gods healing power in Jesus name. This time the results were different. His eyes got big and he said, “Actually I can see.”  His wife began to cry and throwing up fingers. Terrie was saying the numbers as quick as she was throwing them up. God healed him just like that. This all took place in less then two minutes.



Multiple Backs Healed

While at a women’s weekend retreat, a friend of mine’s daughter was struggling with some things, among them, back pain that would interrupt her sleep at night. I went and asked if I could pray for her back, she said yes. The next morning my roommate caught up with me and said that she had overheard at the breakfast table the girls back was healed. She then asked me if I had some time, could I pray for her moms back too. She had chronic pain from an auto accident years ago. I said I would and went to find her mom.

Her mom reported said that her lower back was in pain most of the time and on a scale of 1 to 10 it was an 8. I asked her to sit on the floor with her back against the wall and commanded the hips to align and the one shorter leg to grow. Her other leg instantly started to shake and she began to cry. I prayed for all of 2 or 3 minutes and seeing that something was happening, I asked her to get up and try to do something that she couldn’t do before. She stood up with ease and said that she normally couldn’t get up off the floor without getting on all fours. She stood and reported the the pain was now at 2 so I prayed again. She was visibly touched and said that she had never experienced anything like that before. (the majority of women at the retreat are very conservative in regards to the power of the Holy Spirit)

That evening my roommate reported that her mom was free from pain and they were quite frankly, amazed. The following day at the end of the conference, the moms husband saw me and came to thank me. He was also blown away and I was able to talk to them both about the Holy Spirit being naturally supernatural and available 24/7.

It’s been 6 weeks since then and i just received the report that her mom has been pain free ever since.



Healing Line in a Housing Authority

We have had an awesome time on our SouthGate outreaches. We’ve been ministering in a Housing Authority close to the McDonough square and God has done amazing miracles! There have been 9 instant healings in only two outreaches! We have had an unknown number of salvations and other supernatural testimonies as well. Last week’s outreach culminated with an outpouring of healing and prophecy that was stunning. One woman put her head in her lap and sobbed uncontrollably as Jesus healed her abscessed tooth. She had left work earlier that day because of the pain but the pain instantly left when we touched her! We found ourselves with a line of people waiting for prayer! One teenager had injured his shoulder playing football for his high school. He told us that even if he didn’t move it, his pain stayed at a 10 on a scale of 1-10. God healed him instantly as we commanded the shoulder to be healed. He was recently caught with possession of marijuana but Gods presence does not play favorites. He swooned under the power of God and had to lean against a nearby car to stand. We lead him to the Lord standing right there!


The Power of God in Monroe, GA

In January of this year, I was invited to a student center located in Monroe, GA. A youth based ministry led by Howard Forman and Patrick Porter, The Rock Student Center has a focus on kids and students living in the roughest parts of the area.  One of the leaders who was there to help minister had back pain and a leg that was a half inch shorter than the other. I had all of the students gather around as they watched her leg grow out in a matter of seconds. That night, there were several cases of back pain and uneven legs instantly healed. The same leader whose leg grew out also was dealing with intense heart pain and random aches during the night. The doctors had no idea what it was and told her to simply live with it. God touched her and she has been healed ever since. Chest pain and chronic headaches were healed. God is consistently moving in the lives of the students at The Rock and people are being discipled and beginning to walk in the power of God! Patrick Porter, one of the leaders, had not had much experience in God using him in healing. After the meeting in January, Patrick decided to pray for his mother who had a tumor on her neck. It was completely gone the next morning. Since then there have been consistent healings, deliverances, and salvations without any of OUR team being there.